Voting Machines


Touch-screen voting machines are used in the following locations:

  • All Nye County early voting locations
  • Election day polling places
    • Full-face ballot machines are also used at polling places.

Voters register their choices electronically by touching a screen, and record them when they touch "Cast Vote".

These machines provide the option to vote in audio for the visually impaired.


How to Vote With a Touch-Screen Electronic Voting Machine

1. Insert Card

  • Push Activation Card firmly into the yellow slot on the bottom left of the machine.

2. Make a Selection

  • Touch the circle next to your choice.
  • A green check mark will appear.

Change your mind?

  • Touch the same circle again to cancel a selection.
  • Make a new choice.

3. Continue

  • Use the yellow "Next" arrow, located at the bottom right of the screen, to continue to the next screen.

4. Review

  • Review your choices at any time by touching the yellow "Review" button located at the bottom center of the screen.

5. Cast Your Ballot

  • When you've made all your selections, press the button labeled "Touch Here to Cast Your Ballot" - it's at the center of the screen.

6. Return Card

  • Wait for the voting machine to eject the card.
  • Take the card to an election worker.