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Posted on: June 1, 2017

Update on SR160 improvements in Johnnie Curve area

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The Johnnie Curve project just north of Pahrump on State Route 160 is scheduled for completion in October, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation. The pilot car operation will remain in effect throughout the project since it’s a two-lane road with no shoulder. Project specifications allow for up to a 30-minute delay. But, the pilot car has been averaging a 12-to-15-minute delay. 

The $8.7 million project calls for 14 miles of mill-and-overlay along State Route 160 from East Basin Avenue to just north of Bell Vista Avenue in Pahrump. Mill-and-overlay is a street maintenance technique where a large machine grinds away deteriorated layers of pavement and then replaces it with a new asphalt for a rejuvenated driving surface. Construction requires 45,785 tons of asphalt or enough blacktop to pave 6,541 average-sized driveways. 
Other improvements include storm pipe drainage, hydro-seeding, and flattened roadside shoulders – in some areas – for safer turnouts. 

Meanwhile, two flashing arrow signs, powered by solar panels, are being added to “Johnnie Curve” as well as a high friction surface to prevent skidding through improved traction. Additionally, the turn pocket at U.S. Highway 95 and State Route 160 is being widened and lengthened for a safer, more efficient highway-to-highway connection. 

Report courtesy of the Nevada Department of Transportation
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